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 StaySafe Hospitality 

"The International 

Safety & Security Risk 

Assurance & Certification Program" 


Peace of Mind & Trust

Improved Guest Satisfaction

Enhance Brand Reputation

Increased Customer Confidence


Meet your Duty of Care

Demonstrate regulatory compliance

and international best practices

Prevent fines and claims


Reduce Insurance Premiums

Reduce Incident Claims

Increase & gain new business


Improved resilience & performance

Risk Prevention Culture

Incident Reduction

Analytical Risk Data

The StaySafe Hospitality Certification program is recognised by leading hotel groups, travel companies and businesses in the hotel & travel industry.


StaySafe provides a fresh approach to enable hotels manage their risks. Developed and managed by hospitality professionals, the tools, audits and standards are all generated with a goal to continually improve the risk standards in the hospitality sector.

The Certification Program

Our Valued Clients

A selection of the hotels and brands participating in the StaySafe Hospitality program

Participating Hotels

StaySafe Hospitality is currently operating in over 20 Countries with encouraging growth forecast for 2019.

What our clients say

Abdelaziz Lbouir
Security Director, Fairmont Ajman

"StaySafe Hospitality is an International Certification company for the hospitality industry. It enables hotel management and risk professionals to benchmark against international standards and best practices.  StaySafe is truly independent with its own hotel safety & security standards recognised in the hotel industry and with international organisations. StaySafe consultants are passionate health, safety, security & risk management professionals with diverse experience in different sectors. I have the privilege to have a StaySafe Hospitality certification program in Fairmont Ajman, it is clearly professional and recommended for luxury hotels.  Richard is really experienced in providing pragmatic solutions to international companies."

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