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The 'Must Know' Solo Travel Safety Tips for Females

Are you a solo female traveller, whether for leisure or for business? Either way, safety and security should always be a top priority. As a solo female traveller, it's important to take extra precautions, especially in unfamiliar territory. To help you feel confident and secure on your next solo trip, here are things to consider for your safety:

Research your destination : Before you pack your bags, do your homework. Research the local customs, laws, and areas to avoid. You can find information on government websites, such as the State Department or Foreign Office, or travel websites such as TripAdvisor. This will help you make informed decisions and stay out of trouble.

Stay in a reputable hotel: This is important, make sure you book a hotel with a good reputation. When booking your hotel, check Trip Advisor and Google the area, you can also check out the street view on Google Maps. Research the hotel website to see if they have any Safety & Security Certification. For example, hotels with our StaySafe Certification or any other certification should post it on their websites. By staying in a certified hotel, you can be sure that the property meets safety standards and it kind of shows they invest in safety and security for their guests. If you are staying in a hostel try find a solo traveller friend one. Check Hostelworld for the latest reviews and photos of the hostels.

Have a back up plan (Plan B): Depending where you travel you may well turn up at the hotel and find it is closed or not as expected, even after all that research. So its advisable to have a back up plan. We are not suggesting you pay upfront for a second hotel, but research the options and have it saved on your Google Maps so if needed you can hail a taxi and move on.

Keep your valuables secure: Stating the obvious here but keep your passport, money, and other valuable items locked away in the hotel safe or a money belt if you have to take out with you. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and never leave your belongings unattended. If you don't have access to a safe in your room, ask the hotel staff to hold onto your valuables for you, they often have safes in the back of house area. Don't carry your cards together, just take one with you when you venture out of the hotel. Also don't keep them in the same purse / bag when travelling - separate them!

Use public transport wisely: Always be alert when using public transportation. Use well-lit and crowded areas and avoid traveling alone late at night. Consider using official taxi services or ride-sharing apps such as UberPool to ensure a safe journey. Before you travel download a transport app. Examples are;

  • Mapway - can use this in Europe and North America

  • Moovit - accessible in 101 countries

  • Citymapper - Accessible in 39 cities in Europe and North America

Be aware of your surroundings: Stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, trust your instincts and leave the area immediately. Also make sure you know what time it gets dark, this can be very different in certain Countries and the safety of the area can dramatically change at night time.

Use technology to your advantage: Keep a charged phone with you at all times and consider one of those battery charger packs. Download safety apps, such as a personal safety app or a city safety map, to help you stay safe. These apps can provide real-time information about your location, emergency contacts, and more.

Make a copy of important documents: Make a copy of your passport, visa, and other important documents and keep them in a separate place from the originals. This will help you in case your original documents are lost or stolen.

Keep in touch with loved ones: Let someone know your travel plans and keep in touch with them regularly. This will give you peace of mind and they will be able to reach you in case of an emergency. Consider using a travel tracking app to share your location with loved ones.

Trust your instincts: Finally, trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Don't ignore your intuition and be willing to change your plans if necessary.

Use a door wedge and secondary door locks: When staying in a hotel room, use a door wedge to slip under the door and always engage the secondary door lock to secure your room. This will give you added peace of mind and protect you in case of a break-in.

Never divulge your room number: When checking into a hotel, never divulge your room number to anyone who doesn't need to know. Also, make sure the hotel staff does not publicly announce your room number when checking in. This will help keep your location private and secure.

In conclusion, solo travel, whether for leisure or for business, can be an amazing adventure, but it's important to be prepared and stay safe. We don't want to be the fun police, totally the opposite.

By following these tips, you can have a fun and stress-free trip. Happy ‘safe’ travels!

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