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StaySafe Risk Portal - a holistic risk management system for your business

All you need at your fingertips

It's time to look at new ways of working when it comes to managing your health and safety risks. Here at StaySafe Hospitalty we offer an excellent risk management portal system that will enable you to leave the paper and excel spreadsheets behind and drive consistency throughout your business. This system will provide you a comprehensive oversight of risk performance for all your portfolio, large or small, drive a positive safety culture and demonstrate compliance.

The system offers the following modules that we can work together to make bespoke to your business, a system that is individual for your business.

  • Asset management tool - manage and track all your assets, equipment, planned maintenance and servicing with set reminders.

  • Audit tool - You can create audits, even score them if you wish, track outstanding actions and allocate tasks through to resolution.

  • Checklists

  • Company overview - performance management and oversight

  • Document Resource Library - we pre-load guidance documents and policies, procedures for you to use as templates. You can send out policies and procedures to the employees that need to read them, and track they have! Its an online document control log and can set review dates and it will remind you when they are due for review.

  • e-Learning - a number of eLearnings are provided and you can use the tool to develop your bespoke training modules. You can deliver targeted e-learning to your team, set deadlines and track their performance.

  • Incident report - use the system to report all your incidents and accidents, near misses and follow up with the investigations.

  • Risk assessment tool - lots of risk assessment templates already loaded for you to make bespoke to your business and of course you can create your own.

  • Task management tool - creating tasks for your team from incident investigations, audits, risk assessments and asset registers and having the facility to track the progress of these tasks at you fingertips.

The Asset management module is more than a register, it enables you to allocate maintenance and service reminders, compliance risk assessment reminders to buildings e.g .Legionella, Fire etc and allocate and track those tasks.

If you want to learn more, contact and we shall get back to you very quickly.

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