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Risk Assessments in the workplace 👷🏼

  • 30Days
  • 7Steps
Risk Assessment


Safe workplaces aren’t a matter of luck - they’re the result of managers and employees working together to ensure a safe and compliant environment. Risk Assessments are a key part of this process, removing the element of chance from risk management. They are a globally accepted method to spotting, reducing, and managing potential risks. They are also a legal requirement! This course will provide you with the necessary understanding and practical skills to identify hazards in your workplace, assess the potential risks and recommend appropriate controls. The course includes essential topics such as, the importance of risk assessment, and why you should carry them out. We will cover the basic principles of risk assessment, explaining the definitions of a hazard and risk and ensure you understand the role of the risk assessor and and the types of risk assessments. We will describe how to carry out a risk assessment using the the '5 steps to risk assessment' approach.

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